Cory has hosted an interesting and enjoyable “ride” these last two months.

I have helped a couple of friends doing house rounds in recent months and have met many real estate agents together with further contacts during the hunt and purchase of my new home in Curtin.

Cory’s research technique, the organising and sharing of collected information, his diligence and focus on service to his customers (seller and buyers) and his understanding of the industry stands high and well and truly above most other agents, well all who I have met in recent times and over the years.

This has all been such a refreshing change from what I have previously experienced. Shirley, my friend and helper in my house hunting sensed Cory’s nature early on and as I am very familiar with her assessments of people I suspected it was going to go well.

Now I have seen Cory’s skills and technique first hand and have really appreciated his expert help. So, from the help Cory gave me at the purchase of Douglas Place through to the sale of my home in Hughes, I am impressed.

Many thanks to Cory’s help and guidance!


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