Weetangera 2614 is a suburb in the Belconnen district of Canberra, located within the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. The suburb covers an area of approximately 158 hectares (390 acres). Located approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north-west of the city, Weetangera is bounded by Springvale Drive to the south and west, Coulter Drive to the east and Belconnen Way to the north. The Pinnacle Nature Reserve, a Canberra Nature Park is adjacent to the south of the suburb, across Springvale Drive.

Europeans first settled the area in the 1800s, and it was named Weetangera after the property “Spring Vale”, which in turn had been given a name of Aboriginal origin (it is also called Weetangerra and Weetangara in early documents). A school was first built in the area in 1875.

The modern suburb of Weetangera was officially gazetted by the ACT Government in 1968, with a street theme: ‘Pioneers of the Australian Capital Territory’. After the gazetting, the first modern settlers moved into the suburb in 1970 and the first students moved into the Weetangera Primary School, located about a kilometre from the old Weetangera Primary School, in 1973. Today, the suburb is home to over 2500 people.

People who live in Weetangera are called Weetangerans. At the 2016 census, Weetangera had a population of 2,576 people. The census shows that Weetangera residents have a median age of 43 which is older than the ACT median of 35 and the Australian median of 38. The median weekly household income was A$2,699, significantly more than the ACT median of $2,070 and the Australian median of $1,438.

Weetangera’s population is predominantly Australian-born; 75.0 per cent on census night 2016. The second most common birthplace was England at 4.3 per cent. The most common religion is ‘no religion’, with 41.0% of the population reporting they were not religious.

Weetangera has a small shopping centre containing a bakery, beauty salon, jewellery shop and a publishing company.

The suburb is also home to the Weetangera Neighbourhood Oval. The ACT Government announced restoration plans for the oval in June 2012, committing $4 million to three ovals, including the Weetangera oval, over a three-year period. The money is for the installation of irrigation systems, synthetic cricket wickets and practice nets, floodlights and a small pavilion and toilet block.

The first Public School (pre-High School) was sited on land of the original farming property, and opened on 27 April 1875, with 27 students. The first teacher was Mr Ewan Cameron, a member of the Weetangera community and a parent of a student.

The site is between (beside) the present Belconnen Way (north) and Smith and Kinleyside Streets (south). It now a park, with children’s play area, with several lines of pine trees that were planted by students of the original school in about 1919 and 1928/9.