If you’re thinking of selling your home before Christmas, now is the time to take action.

The selling season this Spring and Summer is set to be a bumper one. The shortage of properties for sale during Covid has caused a build up of demand from buyers, giving sellers every reason to be optimistic.

Buyers love the spring selling season because their purchase can be completed in time for Christmas and the summer holidays. And for families, the children can synchronise switching schools with the beginning of the academic year.

But as more properties come onto the market, competition will intensify. That’s why it is important to make sure your home is well prepared for sale. Here are seven quick tips to get ready for a warm weather sale and maximise the value of your home.

  1. First impressions count – Give your property a quick facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Primary colours and black are fashionable for front doors. Your windows and sills say a lot about the maintenance of your home, so don’t forget them. Tidy the garden, trim any hedges or trees and keep the lawn in good order. Consider planting brightly-coloured flowers to embrace the spring vibe and mulch the beds to keep down the weeds.
  2. Splash out in style – With competition likely to be intense this spring, try to stretch your budget to hire a professional to style and stage your home. It’ll make a huge impact and give you the best chance to get a great price quickly.
  3. Invest in top photography – Buyers will enjoy more choice this spring, so it’s important we gain their attention. Top photography that features on real estate websites and works on social and digital media  will give you the very best chance to attract motivated buyers. If you do stage your home, great photos are essential to maximise the investment.
  4. Let there be light – Embrace the warmer, longer days by pulling back your curtains and letting in the natural light. Homes always look bigger when the light is good. Move any furniture near windows that blocks the light. Clean down the blinds and give curtains a dry clean. Clean the windows, too. It’s incredible how grime reduces the light that comes into your home.
  5. Have a spring clean – Open the windows and doors and let the warmer air through your home. Clean the ceiling fans and watch out for mould that might have accumulated on vents or windows. Wipe down skirting boards, clean door handles, light switches – anywhere sticky fingers and grime get to.
  6. Out with the old –An untidy, cluttered home can feel small and inadequate. Go through your home and see what can be thrown out, given away or stored until you find your next home, especially in wardrobes, cupboards, laundries and garages. You’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll create.
  7. Bring spring indoors – Get into the new season with some splashes of colour. Consider bright cushions and throw rugs in the living areas and bedrooms. Buy some indoor plants or vases of fresh flowers to brighten up key rooms.
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