For me too, as father and grandfather of my lovable family, I’m beginning to reflect on how we were able [all 15 of our family] to work together to bring 161 Brigalow to the point of auction that satisfied us. We finally got to a place that we could be happy with, and with relief the auction went ahead – some 2 months later. Then, the financial success of the day, we saw as an apt measure, but not the only one, of the success of that longer process.

Much of this success was due in no small part to the guidance and help that you and Amber and the rest of your CR team provided for us, consistently and with true skill. An important part of this was the way in which you and the team were able to anticipate our needs, and our potential problems, then after [or even before that] to create or suggest solutions. Selling a house is a complex challenge in planning, in knowing, and in practice, we now all see, and a special tool-kit and skills are necessary. This was not made easier for you by the “blank canvas” prospect that we deliberately presented you with at 161 Brigalow.

Your anticipation and suggested solutions, matched as they were to our modest capabilities, were a hallmark of the sort of success you were able to offer to us, and no doubt what you offer to all your clients. I suspect that you could do it these days with your eyes closed, but I suspect even more strongly that you don’t – assumptions are not part of your tool-kit. Each house and associated family, I’m sure, is unique for you. And because you breathed confidence into what we were doing, and were such an able capable teacher, I would say that my family, and I, will continue to benefit in a very practical sense. And some of what some of us do, will I suspect, start again at your CR shop door! So – thank you once again Cory, and Amber, and Team CR!

The Stewarts – 3 Daughters, and 3 Partners, and 8 Grandsons, and a Grandfather.

And Cory – on a more personal note – we appreciate too the friendship that you brought to our challenge and task – you were always available, always keen to share, and always willing to bring a quietly critical eye to our inexpert endeavours. They were an important part of your brand, we felt, and though subjective, they are further skills that we salute you for.


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