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Buying in Canberra tips

Is there an affordable way to buy into Canberra’s blue-chip suburbs? Check out this article with some tips from Cory.

The Canberra light rail recent discussions

We all know the ongoing discussions about the light rail but what are the real benefits of it? Who will this help? Here is an article discussing benefits that some districts may receive once its completed.

Outstanding result at Auction

Cory is at it once again, with his craftsman ship in real estate achieving another outstanding auction result. Please have a read of this Article by Lucy Balden and watch the exciting auction at 11 Warramoo Cresent, Narrabundah that took place on the 18 August 2018.

A must read June’s special

It takes a very special kind of person to do something like this. This story really warmed our hearts. We are all very excited to find out the outcome of this sale.

Sometimes settling for the suburb next door saves $$$

If you are struggling to purchase in your ideal suburb, try looking in the sister suburbs surrounding it. You might be surprised how much money you could save. Jasmine De Martin has some good insight on this subject and you will find a a useful tool on this article as...

Mr Fluffy Blocks going fast!

Are you interested in Mr Fluffy Blocks? And the outcome reached in February. This article should answer your questions.

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