If your home is near a top-performing school and you think that’s it’s time to sell, then it’s possible you’re sitting on a potential gold mine.

Property within the catchment area of Australia’s highest-ranking schools command a price premium of up to 15% – and that can mean tens of thousands of dollars more for your home if it is marketed to young families.

Competition for your property could be fierce, too, as living close to the local school can offer excellent lifestyle benefits, such as a reduction in travel time for the children.

This means you should thoroughly explore the benefits of selling your home through private treaty, or at auction, to achieve the best price and minimise the time your property is on the market.

As your local real estate agent, we’ll be able to confirm whether your home resides in the catchment area of a top school and the best ways to market your property to young families.

But a good local school is only one of the important factors considered by families when they are looking to buy. Here are 11 other in-demand features that young families want in a new home right now:

1.) Location – It’s great if your home is close to local shops so buying milk and bread isn’t a major production. Proximity to public transport is another primary consideration, along with easy access to parks and, of course, the local schools.

2.)   Safety first – Young families want to live in areas that are safe for their children. Homes in a cul de sac are popular as a result. Ensure that fencing and gates are secure when inspection time comes as this will alleviate any objections around safety.

3.)   Space to grow – Young children become teenagers soon enough, and so the ideal home will have sufficient space for the family to grow. Minimising furniture in your home will help give the impression you have plenty of space.

4.)   Kids in the kitchen – Arguably, the kitchen is the most important room for young families. They love kitchens where they can feed the kids. So, island benches with a seated bench area, or a corner for an eating nook, is a big tick in the box.

5.)   It’s bath time – Bathrooms with a bath are a prerequisite for most young families. And the bigger, the better. Bathrooms also need to feature plenty of storage, too.

6.)   Sleeping arrangements – While mum and dad no doubt love their privacy, the reality of life is somewhat different. A master bedroom near the other bedrooms is handy when kids wake in the middle of the night.

7.)   Safety-first stairs – Little kids and stairs are not the perfect partnership. So, it’s worthwhile making the staircase as safe as possible.

8.)   Car parking – Ease of access can be a critical issue. If you have to organise kids, school bags, strollers and so on, then off-street parking is a real winner, especially garages with internal access.

9.)   Storage – This is a constant request. It’s a huge plus if a home has somewhere to store the paraphernalia that goes with kids including bikes, sporting gear and so on.

10.) Garden for kids to play – Your garden doesn’t have to be a football pitch but it’s ideal if it’s big enough for children to run around. It should also be a safe area, so ensure fencing is in good order.

11.) Proximity to a park – Not every home can offer a great garden but local parks can offset this and be a huge plus for families. As your agents, we’ll make sure that we emphasise in our marketing the parks that are close to you. This will often ease concerns about where the children can go out and play safely.

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