With winter now here, there’s little excuse not to begin a few maintenance jobs around the house, or finish those that you began with the best intentions a few weeks or even months ago when the weather was a distraction.

Home ownership comes with responsibilities and if you neglect even simple jobs then the to-do list can grow and become quite intimidating. Unattended maintenance tasks, such as cleaning gutters or fixing a roof tile, can cause bigger problems and become expensive to fix, especially as the weather deteriorates.

So while this chill weather makes the beach a no-go area, here are some ideas to explore to keep your home – your largest financial asset – in tip-top condition.

  1. Get on the tiles – You should inspect your roof for signs of potential trouble. If you can get into the roof from inside the house, check whether you can see any light from outside seeping in. It’s a sure sign that rain can also enter. Use a roof repairer for even small tasks because it’s dangerous up there!
  2. Into the gutters – If your home is near trees, you should check gutters regularly for leaf debris. With winter storms upon us, a blocked gutter can spill water back into the house or back under the roof line and cause considerable damage to your ceilings or walls. Also, watch for gutters that are sagging or rusted (possibly both) as well as brackets coming away from walls or eaves.
  3. In hot water – Losing your hot water service is bad news at the best of times, but especially in winter. Check your heater for rust on the pipes and weld joints, and any leaks. Hot water systems last between ten and 15 years, and they can die without warning. If you have concerns, consult a plumber.
  4. Window of opportunity – Make sure your windows close properly. Check wooden frames for signs of flaking paint or rot. Ensure they’re sealed to retain the heat in your home. Hopefully, any external maintenance will be limited to some sandpaper and a paintbrush but don’t hesitate to call in a tradesman if more serious repairs are required.
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