We met Cory McPherson at Capital Residential when we were looking at apartments in New Acton. At that time we were planning to sell our house in Deakin, but weren’t sure where we would finally settle. We had lined up another agent to sell the Deakin house. When the time came, the house went on the market, but had not sold after four months. So we contacted Cory and agreed to get him to take over marketing the house. I’m delighted to say Cory has sold it (in a rather slow market) in under 8 weeks.  He did an outstanding job in marketing the house. Rather than treating it as just another “commodity”, he made us feel that he was focussing fully on selling our property.
If you’ve sold a house before, you realise that the market determines values. You will only get what the market is prepared to offer. The original agent gave us an inflated idea of what the house was worth. The first inkling we had that this was not accurate (apart from the house not selling) was the valuer, whose estimate was quite a bit lower.
Cory was much more realistic in his estimate. The amount was not what we wanted to hear, given the original estimate, but it turned out he was right on the money. Over the time the house was on the market, there were around five preliminary offers, all below what we had been led to expect. In fact these offers reflected the true market value, and Cory’s price guide was very accurate.
If you are looking to sell a house, Cory will treat you as a valued customer and give you  a good guide to the likely sale price. He will pay great attention to detail and provide excellent feedback on progress.
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